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Please see below some of the products that we are proud to be associated with.


Redeem is a B2B marketplace that is available for both businesses and business owners. Redeem disrupts the norm by giving approved members direct access to purchase business related products at wholesale prices. There are over 1000 brands and more than 80 cost saving benefits that members can easily access via the app.

Redeem offers customised solutions for Buying Groups, Franchise Networks and Associations. There are over 16 different modules that can be enabled to suit partner requirements.

Redeem is currently live in Australia where it directly supports a network of over 4500 individual businesses. However, we are currently working with partners to launch the application into the US, Canada, UK, Germany, Ireland, Singapore, Malaysia and NZ.

If Redeem is of interest, please click on the link below or simply call us on 1300 REDEEM.

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Everybuy is a wholly owned subsidiary of Leading Edge Group Ltd. In conjunction with our development partner, we have been building the Everybuy solution in-house for the past 4 years. As a company, Leading Edge Group has for the past 37 years owned and operated one of Australia’s largest Buying Groups operating across 10 different industry verticals.

Please note, Everybuy directly engages dedicated development resources via Xtrastaff (another Inte Project). This is further proof of how an outsourced team can harmoniously work and report day in and day out with multiple stakeholders.

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Xtrastaff is an outsourced development solution that operates with some very unique points of difference. Primarily around how they engage, on-board and charge for resources that are assigned to projects / tasks.

As a company, they work with businesses and entrepreneurs of every kind to help bring their design and development projects to life. The Xtrastaff model is underpinned by a ‘transparent’ Project Management System (XPMS), that enables partners to have complete visibility and real time contact with their team. Noting that a bill can only be raised against logged and demonstrable activity.

Xtrastaff currently maintain three (3) offices, one in Sydney, one in India and another in Nepal. In total, Xtrastaff directly employs more than 80 tech savvy professionals. However, we can easily scale to support any digital project / commercial concept.

If you are interested in driving outcomes, then they would be interested to meet…

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4Less is a revolutionary Marketplace which has a unique way of connecting Buyers and Sellers. 4Less has positioned itself as ‘Australia’s Tallest Shopping Centre’, a platform where Users can name the price that they are prepared to pay on hundreds of thousands of available products.

Genuine Bricks and Mortar Australian retailers rent a virtual store within the Shopping Centre. From the backend of the platform they can either 'Accept' or 'Counter' any offer that has been made by a User. The engagement is anonymous until the agreed transaction has been processed. At this point, the User will instantly receive confirmation from the store they have just purchased from.

4Less allows independent retailers to reach a wider base of customers whilst Users can confidently and easily negotiate better prices. A true win-win for all involved

The platform is now ready to launch in late 2018.

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SKUnest is a purpose-built Data Warehouse that professionally and efficiently manages all Supplier, Vendor, Product and Customer activity. All of the data is centrally mapped into SKUnest which allows Users to elastically report on multiple touch points.

SKUnest has been built for scale. Combining the latest in Amazon Webs Services (AWS) technology with micro-services. SKUnest is stateless, flexible, adaptable, scalable and on demand.

Here are some of the stories that SKUnest can help to deliver;

- As a Supplier I want to load my products files to one location, so I can easily give my customers access to my full product range;

- As a Retailer I want to be able to centrally view real time inventory and pricing from all my preferred Suppliers, so I can easily compare and order;

- As a Data Analyst I want the ability to easily extract rich product, category, brand and customer insights so I can efficiently report through to stakeholders.

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My Warehouse

My Warehouse is first and foremost an instore app that connects businesses and their customers through a data fed solution. The app is directly integrated with SKUnest (Inte’s proprietary held Data Warehouse), enabling both B2B and B2C applications.

To date, My Warehouse is live within the Jewellery industry where we are successfully using the app as an Extended Aisle for Jewellery Store owners to share and showcase all of the products that are both available instore and in-warehouse (Supplier inventory).

From the app, Users can see their full purchase history (online and instore), build and share multiple wishlists, access exclusive discounts and message the store directly from their preferred device (web to app).

The next phase of the app is to allow Suppliers to dynamically set up their reps / agents where they can use the platform to process real time orders against warehouse accessible data.

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