Who you’re dealing with.

Inte was born from a need.

Back in 2010, Inte’s founders started sourcing international resources / experts to technically support its own project requirements. The momentum that has since followed has seen Inte evolve into a company that embraces both change and opportunity.

Personal experience.

The Directors of Inte experienced firsthand the highs and lows, the barriers and benefits, of creating an international design and development business, learning many lessons along the way.

Inte initially engaged and partnered with a number of talented individuals and teams, people who are still today either long-standing employees and/or integral partners. Creating positive entrepreneurial culture and building strong relationships is core to the company’s mission statement.

Applied learnings.

From adopting agile development to building customised project management systems through to embracing automation, Inte’s own experiences and insights are the basis of the acquired knowledge that Inte are now able to share with its clients and partners.

Strategic solutions.

Our solutions are both systematic and diverse. Our decisions are under-pinned by best practice, we have also developed a number of proprietary platforms to directly improve efficiencies for partners.

This includes giving our partners access to Xtrastaff, a unique outsourcing solution currently being used by a host of international businesses.

A growing network.

Today, Inte maintains offices in Australia, Nepal and India. With over 130 resources at hand we currently support company owned licensed products in the following countries – Australia, New Zealand, US, Canada, Germany, Ireland, UK, Singapore and in Malaysia.

We pride ourselves on again forging long-lasting relationships that are based on trust and transparency.

The company we keep.

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Service your customers just how you want to.

Inte’s experienced team and affiliates work in close collaboration with each of our clients and partners to ensure the best outcomes are achieved.

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